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Challenge: Here, Fishy, Fishy!!

July 2021 - Inter-Club Build Challenge
ParLUGment members participated in another open-ended challenge; this time, it was all about fish.

The rules...

  • build ANYTHING related to fish, with the specific taunt being
    "I'm sure you can do better than THIS!"
  • image of the build needed to be submitted by July 31st

Here are some of those fishy submissions courtesy of our membership.
Thank you to all those who participated!

Underwater Treasures
Dan M.

Expectation vs. Reality
Bill K.

Julie L.

Fishin' off the Dock
Chris R.

Laura's Going Fishing
Laura F.

Ice Fishin'
Lee B.

Albert, the Albino Beaver, Goes Fishing
Hugh F.

I. am. Never. Going. Back. in. the. Water. (reference + classic soundtrack) "stuff summer!"
Mike Mac.

Scuba Diving Adventure
Doug M.

Yellow Tang
Jeff B.

Back in Black: Clownfish Edition
Mike McC.

Mutant Fish's Escape from the Bowl
Aron M.