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Membership to ParLUGment is open to individuals 18 years of age or older.

We meet on a regular basis to share ideas, discuss our hobby and generally have a great time.

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings to see what we are all about, please contact us. If you enjoy yourself and want to come back for more, we are always ready to welcome new members.

Aiden King
Alexander Poirier
Andy McPhee
Asko Feldmann
Ben Dudley
Ben Guther
Bernie Visser
Bill Kernohan
Cameron Tozwell
Chris Ross
Currie Rowe
Dan Mustard
Daniel Savard
David Graham
Davyn Wagner
Deborah Higdon-LeBlond
Denis Michaud
Gilbert Cabiles
Grant Edwards
Hugh Frampton
Ian Dudley
Janine Ross
Jason Allemann
Jean-Luc Thomas
Jeannine Cloutier
Jeff Brundige
Jeffrey Norris
Jeremy Thompson
Jonni Revell
Jude Beaudin
Julia Dudley
Julie Latreille
Julia Wilkie
Ka-On Lee
Karen Metz
Kellie Fongski
Kevin Dixon
Kristal Dubois
Lambert Ditner
Laura Ferguson
Lucie Filteau
Mark Pynenburg
Mathieu Stang
Matthew Baker
Matthew Murray
Michael Gale
Michael MacMillan
Michael Maidment
Mike Ferguson
Mike McCarthy
Morgan Fortin
Mounir Khoury
Norbert Black
Paul Beer
Peter Vandergragt
Philippe Carrier
Rob Richmond
Robert Turner
Sandro Mirella
Sandy Moroz
Sean O'Reilly
Shawn Lewis
Sherwin Vaz
Steve Adamson
Steve Kemp
Steven Walford
Taylor Pluzak
Terry Edwards-Frampton
Wendy Klein