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During the Covid-19 Pandemic, ParLUGment members participated in a series of virtual events as a way to stay connected during the lockdown. If you feel inspired by a particular challenge or submission, we encourage you to grab some bricks and start building!

Challenge: Here, Fishy, Fishy!! (July 2021)

The July building challenge is FISH!!!

I’m sure you all can do better than this…

Challenge: Canadiana (June 2021)

The True North Studded & Free
Lee B.

Canada: The Land of the Double Double and Maple Syrup
Karen M.

Flags: National (Canada) & Provincial (Quebec)
Aiden K.

Challenge: Mini-Vignette Build - Take 2 (May 2021)

Geology Rocks!
Chris R.

Hail to the Chief
by Sandy M.

Workshop Time Machine
by Ian D.

Challenge: It Ain't Easy Being Green (April 2021)

Surfing Through the Clouds
by Laura F.

Camouflaged Barrage
by Mike McC.

Doc Ock Walks
by Paul C.

Next Project: LUGBULK has arrived!!!!

The rules...

  • the build must incorporate elements from your Lugbulk order
  • if you did not take part this year, no worries, use something from a previous lugbulk, or take inspiration from this year's order. Considering baseplates were included, that should be easy.
  • anything goes, be creative and have fun.
  • deadline: July 31, 2021

Upcoming Challenge: Pass the GBC ball

You have seen #passthebrick. Now it's time for #passthegbc.

  • film a ball entering your gbc builds.
  • follow it from gbc to gbc and as it passes to the next person.
  • submit your video so we can string them all together.
  • deadline for submissions: August 28, 2020

Project: Holiday Scenes (Winter 2020/2021)

  • build a scene depicting activities one can participate in over the holidays/ winter - keep in mind health and safety restrictions due to COVID
  • bonus points if you include a likeness to Dr. Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, in your build
  • deadline: ongoing

Challenge: Pimp My Moose (December 2020)

Watch out for Moose!
by Paul R.

Challenge: Mini-Vignette Build (June 2020)

Underwater Shenanigans
by Mounir K

Challenge: Monochorome Build (May 2020)

by Cameron S.

Fortress... of Physical Distancing
by Sue G.