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Challenge: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

April 2021 - Inter-Club Build Challenge
ParLUGment members participated in its second monochrome build challenge (first one: Monochrome Builds). The challenge was inspired by one conducted by Bricks Am Meer.

The rules...

  • the build must be monochrome, meaning only ONE colour can be used
  • the build should not exceed 25 pieces
  • image of the build needed to be submitted by April 30th

Due to the low piece-count, the recent onset of spring, and the recent stay-at-home order for our province, we had many participants; below are those submissions!

Thank you to all those who participated!

Oh Canada!
Lee B.

Hey Planty!!!
Daniel S.

Basking Turtles
Deborah H.

Surfing Through the Clouds
Laura F.

Space Exploration
Julie L.

Shipwrecked: Robinson Crusoe's Front Yard
Julia D.

Earth Day Ultra 2021
Maisy G.

The Mask
Dan M.

Karen M.

Bill K.

Drivin' Green
Ian D.

In the Long Grass
Chris R.

Crocodile Huntin'
Sue G.

Tiny Castle
Matt M.

Sage Flight
Mike Mac.

Green Kitchen
Ben D.


Fine Dinin'
Neil W.

Decorative Fountain
Rick F.

Andy M.

Happy Spring Festivus!
Hugh F.

Camouflaged Barrage
Mike McC.

Staying Home
Wendy K.

Doc Ock Walks
Paul C.

Friendly Gecko
Ana M.

Battle of the Green Gods
Andrew M.

The Great Great Dragon Castle
Bern V.

Coming in for a Landing...
Johnny R.