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Challenge: Mini-Vignette Builds

June 2020 - Inter-Club Build Challenge
This month, the members of ParLUGment got to use the iconic Lego minifigure to set a small scene in whatever world they created.

The rules...

  • the build must be on a 8x8 plate
  • the build must incorporate a Lego minifig
  • image of the build needed to be submitted within two-weeks of the challenge's initiation

Below are a few of the brick-built dioramas that were submitted - thanks to all who participated!

Striking Gold... a Prospectors Tale
by Dan M.

Mini-Putting with Mr. Business
by Mike F.

When Vikings Attack
by Ben G.

The Secret Life of Lego Pets
by Sue G.

Backyard Birding
by Laura F.

Billionaire Bachelor Vacations with Grace
by Karen M.

Gooooo Sports-team!
by Jean-Luc T.

Teen Wu's Training Pad
by Denis M.

Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's Life for Me...
by Sandy

Underwater Shenanigans
(Paying Homage to Season 2, Episode 7 of Australian Lego Masters)
by Mounir K.

Beating the Heat
by Sue G.

Workshop Pals
Mike Mac.

Back at Work - at the Local GBC
by Mike M.

Quarantine Vibes
by Wendy K.

X Marks the Spot
by Ben D.