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Membership to ParLUGment is open to individuals 18 years of age or older.


We are restarting in-person meetings!! If you're interested in joining the club, and want information on where and when you can join us, send an email to!

We meet on a monthly basis to share ideas, discuss our hobby and generally have a great time. See the meeting schedule in the calendar on the Events page.

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings to see what we are all about, please contact us. If you enjoy yourself and want to come back for more, we are always ready to welcome new members. There is a small annual fee to join, and meetings are limited to adults only (+18).

Executive Committee

President - Mike MacMillan
Vice President - Asko Feldmann
Treasurer - Sue Geertsen
Website Coordinator - Currie
Event Coordinator - Rob Richmond
Member at Large - Andy McPhee
Member at Large - Matt Murray

Former Executives

Bill Kernohan (President)
Janine Cloutier (President)
Deborah Higdon (President)
Jeff Brundige (President)