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Happy Building!

Summer Barbecue

A summer winds down, Chris R once again hosted our club for a great barbecue and build day. This years them was to build a couple more Classic Space figs, and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, darkness crept up on us before we could complete our builds, that that didn’t stop a few keeners. At the end of the day, everyone had fun, and we all got to relax in front of the warm bonfire!

Benny goes shopping!

Bill K has built an amazing Benny! We took Benny shopping at the local Lego Store; he had an amazing time.
(Benny we have to talk about your shopping, we agreed, only 1 small set!!)

ParLUGment was at Bricks in the Six !
Check out our contribution to the the gigantic GBC Display!


We also had several members displaying their amazing Lego builds.. More Photos coming soon!

Our next show:
Smith Falls Train Show – We will be showing our Largest Train Layout ever!!
Annual Smith Falls Trainfest 2023 – Saturday, August 13 & Sunday August 14.


Did you miss us at the Aylmer Hobby Show? Have a look at our Train Display!


Our individual building interests span a wide range of themes – town, train, space, robotics, sculpture and architecture to name a few. Return soon to this site as we upgrade the pages with the fantastic creations of our members, using bricks from their own collection.

As a group we meet regularly to celebrate our love for “the brick” and we also participate in train, toy and hobby shows and the occasional display at other venues. You can find details of these events on the events page. If you’d like to join our Adult group or to invite us to participate in your event, please contact us. You can also find us on Facebook – our official club page with announcements and the wider community group.

Discover our members and their builds.