Build Challenges

Every month, our club has a ‘build challenge’. Members are given a general top, and are invited to submit their build design.

If you feel inspired by a particular challenge or submission, we encourage you to grab some bricks and start building!

February Challenge – Bridging the Gap!

Challenge Sep 2022 – Metropolis Contest

Challenge Jun 2022 – Mosaic Contest

Winner: Karen M
Winner: Doug W
Winner: Mike Mac

Challenge May 2022 – Alt Build Contest

Winner: Susanne G
Winner: Mike Mc
Winner: Chris R

Challenge Mar 2022 – Bug Contest

Challenge Feb 2022 – Tower Contest

Challenge Jan 2022 – Boat Contest

Winner: Christopher R
Winner: Chris R
Winner: Anabelle A
Winner: Julie L
Winner: Denis M

Challenge Nov 2021 – Robot Contest

Winner: Dan M

Challenge Nov 2021 – Minifig Contest

Winner: Lucie F

Challenge Aug 2021 – Picnic Contest

Challenge Jul 2021 – Here, Fishy, Fishy!! Contest

Winner: Dan M
Winner: Aron M
Winner: Mike Mc

Challenge Jun 2021 – Canadiana Contest

Winner: Lee B
Winner: Karen M
Winner: Aiden K

Challenge May 2021 – Minifig Vignette Contest

Winner: Chris R
Winner: Sandy M
Winner: Ian D

Challenge Apr 2021 – It Ain’t Easy Being Green Contest

Winner: Mike Mc

Winner: Laura F
Winner: Paul C

Challenge Dec 2020 – Pimp my Moose Contest

Challenge Nov 2020: Holiday Scenes Contest

Challenge Jun 2020 – Mini-Vignette Contest

Challenge May 2020 – Monochrome Contest

Winner: Susanne G
Winner: Cameron S