Building Blocks of the Nation’s Capital – our Members

Yes, we really are a group of adults that continue to “play” with a children’s toy. But if you take the time to explore who we really are, you’ll see there’s much more to it… We’re dedicated to the creativity and open-ended play that everyone could and should enjoy – the hours of “making” something, the satisfaction of finding the exactly perfect solution to a complicated building problem, and the much-needed stress relief of just zoning out with the brick.

Some of us have been around the AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) community for quite a while, some of us have just joined. Each of us has our own reason for joining the club, and what we take from being a member of a group of like-minded people. We are collectors, builders, creators, players, swooshers (holding up a giant rocket/spaceship/plane and “swooshing” it) and many of us are reliving moments of utter joy from our childhood. Some of us prefer the artistic side of the hobby. No matter what our origins and our reasons for getting together, we are all supreme FANS of the iconic Danish building toy.

Check out the profiles of some of our builders who have agreed to share their “story”.

Our three founding members, formed the group on March 23, 2001.

Jude Beaudin

Ka-On Lee

Tim Strutt

Our Current Members

Aiden K

Ana T

Andy M

Angie F

Asko F

Ben G

Bernie V

Bill K

Bruno D

Cameron T

Chris Ros

Currie A

Dan M

Daniel S

Darius D

Delta G

Grant E

Ian D

Janine R

Jason A

Jason C

Jean-Luc T

Jeannine C

Jeff B

Jesse C

Jérémie M-L

Jeremy T

Jonni R

Joshua Z

Julie L

Karen M

Kristal D

Lambert D

Lee B

Lucie F

Mark P

Mathieu S

Matthew B

Matthew M

Michael Ga

Michael Gu

Michael M

Neil W

Paul C

Paul R

Pauline K

Philippe C

Richard F

Rob R

Robert T

Sandy M

Sean D

Sean O

Steve A

Steve K

Steven W

Tom K

Wendy K