Anabelle A

Tell us about yourself:  
I am just like a Leo; lively, caring and creative (or I like to think so…). And basically, a kid at heart.

How long have you been an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO): 
My whole life! Started as a child until my teen years, then went through my dark ages, until reconnecting with LEGO about 4 years ago.

How did your interest in the hobby develop:
As my kids grew out of LEGO, I learned that I loved making my own LEGO MOCs and mosaics.

How did you find ParLUGment:
I live in the National Capital Region and a friend recommended it to me.

What is your favourite theme: 
I love the LEGO Modular Buildings. I love their build, their height and their look. They go so well in my LEGO city.

What is your favourite aspect of the hobby:
I love seeing a tons of bricks/dots become art. I also love sharing and discussing this wonderful past time with other AFOLs.

What is your proudest accomplishment within the hobby:
My proudest achievement is the MOC of the “Cabana Bay” Hotel located in Florida. Although it is a small MOC, I think I was able to capture the hotel’s vibrant essence and colours.

Canadian mosaics
Hallowe’en habitats
Hallowe’en mosaics
Marvin the Martian mosaic

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of having my very own LEGO room. And that dream became a reality about 2 years ago, right before the pandemic. These last two years, I have been able to create LEGO MOCs, habitats and wonderful mosaics in my own space without having to fight my family for dining room table space. I have also gotten to know so many people through the ParLUGment club and online via the LEGO Instagram community.

Anabelle’s work can be found as “legowhynot” on Instagram.

Looney Tunes mosaics
Star Wars mosaics