Mike Mc

Tell us about yourself:
AFOL Father of two young LEGO loving boys. 

How long have you been an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO):
Left the dark ages and became an AFOL in 2012

How did your interest in the hobby develop:
Like many, it started from a very young age, with Duplo, then evolved to a love of LEGO Space and eventually landed on Technic. 

How did you find ParLUGment:
I found Andy M’s Bricklink store, sent a message and he introduced me to the group, I then met in person at a military hobby show.

What is your favourite theme:

What is your favourite aspect of the hobby:
Sorting, building GBCs (Great Ball Contraptions) and taking part in large collaborative displays (MILS train displays or GBC loops).

What is your proudest accomplishment within the hobby:
My LEGO room.

Great Ball Contraption Module
Great Ball Contraption Module

“I love having something small, connecting it to something else and creating something bigger, better, something that makes you say “oh, that’s cool”. This could be connecting a simple LEGO block or taking part in a much larger LEGO show – where we all contribute a small part to make something where people say “oh, that’s cool”. I also love to watch LEGO in motion, it could be a simple train loop or a more involved kinetic sculpture. But best of all is a Great Ball Contraption (GBC). There is nothing better than picking a single soccer ball out of hundreds of orange balls and watching it travel around the entire display, twisting and turning, over and under, up and down and all around the entire magical connected machine. You can’t help but say “Oh, that’s COOL!”

Great Ball Contraption Module
Great Ball Contraption Module
Great Ball Contraption Module
Great Ball Contraption Module