Aron M

Tell us about yourself:
Public servant with a serious travel bug and lifelong love of LEGO. 

How long have you been an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO):
The ‘dark ages’ ended for me when I threw myself a Lego-themed party for my 29th birthday. I dumped out all my childhood bricks and invited my friends over to build – it was an awesome night and I’ve had the bricks out ever since. 

How did your interest in the hobby develop:
When I was about 5, our neighbors and their older kids came by for a visit and brought their old box of LEGO for us to play with – a bunch of random pieces/sets all mixed together. I remember having so much fun building and thinking it was the coolest toy ever as it could literally be anything you wanted it to be. When it was time for them to go, they left me the box as a gift. From then on my bedroom floor became a LEGO minefield and I only ever wanted more LEGO for birthdays and other holidays. That gift changed me and as a result I almost exclusively give LEGO as gifts to the children in my life in hopes of sparking that same joy. 

How did you find ParLUGment:
I’d seen the group at various events throughout the city over the years and always intended to join but just never seemed to find the time. During the pandemic, I dove even further into the LEGO hobby and finally bit the bullet to join when a friend of mine from work (Laura F) encouraged me to. 

What is your favourite theme:
I love building buildings and adding to my LEGO city; City and Creator sets work best for that. I also love Ideas sets, specifically TV show related sets like Seinfeld and The Flintstones. 

What is your favourite aspect of the hobby:
I love the endless creativity it offers; seeing ubiquitous pieces come together in infinitely interesting ways is fascinating. 

What is your proudest accomplishment within the hobby:
I attended a press event for the LEGO Movie 2 in Singapore once, that was neat. But I think I’m actually proudest when I get to share the hobby with others/build together and they gleefully show off what they’ve built at the end – kids and adults alike – it’s great!

My LEGO city
LEGO party final build
Building with my cousin
My LEGO city from above

When asked about my LEGO dream, I have so many LEGO related aspirations! From building a dedicated LEGO room in my house (and upgrading the size of my city at that time), to visiting the LEGO House in Billund, to building alongside my godson when he’s a bit older, there’s so much LEGO life to look forward to! 🙂

Christmas fig
LEGO Movie 2 Singapore