Challenge May 2021 – Minifig Vignette Contest

Inter-Club Build Challenge

The MAY contest is to build a Minifig vignette, starting on an 8×8 plate.

  • 1 or more minifigs
  • Start on an 8×8 plate
  • Submission deadline is May 31st.
Entry: Andrew M.
Entry: Andrew M.
Entry: Andrew M.
Entry: Hugh F.
Entry: Keven D.
Entry: Matt B.
Entry: Matt S.
Entry: Mike Mc
Entry: Peter V.
Entry: Sean O.
Entry: Susanne G.
Entry: Andrew M.
Entry: Denis M.
Entry: Ben D.
Entry: John R.
Entry: Laura F.
Entry: Mike Mac
Entry: Paul C.
Entry: Sherwin V.
Entry: Susanne G.
Entry: Dan M.
Entry: Andrew M.
Entry: Chris R.
Entry: Jeremie M.
Entry: Julie L.
Entry: Lee B.
Entry: Matt M.
Entry: Mounir K.
Entry: Susanne G.
Entry: Terry F.
Entry: Tom K.
Entry: Jean Luc T.
Winner: Chris R.
Winner: Sandy M.
Winner: Ian D.

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