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Challenge: Monochrome Builds

May 2020 - Inter-Club Build Challenge
ParLUGment members participated in a virtual event created to engage the club in lighthearted mini-builds during the Covid-19 lockdown. The challenge was inspired by one conducted by NewfoundLUG.

The rules...

  • the build must be monochrome, meaning only ONE colour can be used
  • the build should not exceed 200 pieces
  • image of the build needed to be submitted within two-weeks of the challenge's initiation

Below are some of the submissions from the event. To those looking for a fun Lego-related challenge for yourself, your family or friends that has physical distancing in mind then, give this a try!

Thank you to all those who participated!

by Ben D.

by Matt B.

P-61 Micro-plane
by Mike M.
P-61 Microplane by Mike M

Fortress... of Physical Distancing
by Sue G.

Deluxe Birdhouse Feeder
by Laura F.

by Cameron S.

by Mounir K.

A Day in the Life
by Paul C.

by Dan M.